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January 31st , 2018:
Workshop African dance in Monforte del Cid, Alicante

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ill title A decade of AfroCult, an overview.


Before the founding of AfroCult, it's members were participating in different music groups. Although different groups, they all had one thing in common, West-African dance and percussion. In 2003 Freetong Players Intl. invited these groups to join them for an percussion/dance course in their hometown Freetown, Sierra Leone. Hosted by Charlie Haffner and his Freetong Players we were shown around Freetown and it's Peninsular. We made contact with Sierra Leone's open-hearted and courageous people, an astounding nature and it's intriguing culture.

Lakka Beach

river n2



Kick Off

Seeing all this made some of us tourists think. With the same potentials as other West- African countries such as Ghana, Gambia and Senegal who already established a solid “cultural image” in Europe. Despite of it's originality, why are people interested in African culture hardly visiting Sierra Leone?
At this point, AfroCult started to form. After visiting Sierra Leone several times, eventually some of us decided to help change the image of Sierra Leone through Europe. AfroCult was founded in June 2006, with the purpose of promoting Sierra Leone by presenting Sierra Leone's traditional culture with music and dance. A way to make close contact with spectators, making it a unique experience.
The originality of AfroCult has proven to work.The vision of promoting the Sierra Leone art in Europe to collect support for Sierra Leone is a unique concept liked by many and after the first year we already presented our 20th cultural activity and are now also starting to expand to our neighbouring country The Netherlands, and now Spain.



Almost a decade, AfroCult has been spreading the Sierra Leone culture through Europe by means of workshops African dance/percussion, cultural performances and events. Even presenting Sierra Leone culture on Belgium national radio and television. Besides it's own members AfroCult is working together with European, Sierra Leonean and West-African artists and/or people with a shared interest in West-African cultures.

Over the years we have been included in many events, following are some of our most memorable participations ordered by activity.



AfroCult's African dance workshops have been booked for various events:
• Private workshops such as birthday parties or single's parties;
• Workshops for teambuilding events by companies or organisations;
• Public workshops on festivals or city events. Ex: AfroCarribean Festival in Bredene (B), Gambiance in Oostende (B), Harelbeke Fare (B), …


Workshop Mama Adama Camara

Workshop Babara Bangoura

Own Events

AfroCult has organised his own events:
• Salone AfroCultural Fest (2007,2008)
(Weekly festival on Wednesday with workshops given by European, Sierra Leonean and West-African artists such as Mama Adama Camara, Babara Bangoura, Ibrahima Sourah, Seny Touré, Femi Bull, etc..)
• Africana & Tropical night
(Annual event with Sierra Leone food, music and dance)



Both Belgium and The Netherlands have been visited on different occasions by AfroCult. Presenting the Sierra Leone culture on private events for companies and organisations or big events such as city parades and television shows.
• Carnaval Mundial in Elsloo (NL)(2007,2009,2013)
(A parade with 30+ exotic groups around the city of Elsloo.)
• Feest in het Park in Brugge (B)(2009)
(Free cultural festival in the heart of Bruges)
• Q Music Beachhouse in Oostende (B)(2008,2013)
(Belgian radiostation on the beach of Oostende)
• Interview on Topradio (B)(2007)
(Guest on radioshow, promotion of Salone AfroCultural Fest '07)
• Belgium Got Talent (B)(2015)
(Belgian televisionshow on VTM)
• AAKA Festival in Aspe (ES) (2017)
(Parade on the Festival)
• ExpoMonforte in Monforte del Cid (ES) (2017)
(Parade in La Gorieta, Monforte del Cid)
• VI Encuentro Anual De Artistas y Artesanos (ES) (2017)
(Performance at Asociación Cultural “La Calera” - Monforte del Cid)


VideoClip Trisha Limbo